Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A weekend in Launceston

Launceston is one of my very favourite places to visit - and we just spent the weekend there last weekend.

Why is it one of my very favourite places to visit? Well, for a start, The Black Cow Bistro has The.Best. steak I've ever eaten - and I've been to Paris. I really don't need to go further than that. Go eat some of that steak.

But in case you want any more details, Launceston is over-all charming. There are some really old buildings (for Australia at any rate), a pretty river, gorgeous walks within walking distance of the CBD - check out the photos of some of the scenery at "The Gorge" - truly spectacular, and worth the walk, which seemed a bit like it was uphill all the way (impossible, I know!) At the top we had a very decent Devonshire tea and watched the peacocks and a little wallaby eating flowers.

And then there was the superb winery just a few minutes outside Launceston. We didn't drink the award winning chardonnay - I had a pinot gris and Hugo had a Riesling.

The Charles Hotel is probably the nicest hotel I've stayed in in Launceston too -  although luxury might be putting it a bit strongly, it's a very nice mid-range hotel and the bowl of fantastic Tasmanian apples they keep at reception is a lovely touch.

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