Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A weekend in Launceston

Launceston is one of my very favourite places to visit - and we just spent the weekend there last weekend.

Why is it one of my very favourite places to visit? Well, for a start, The Black Cow Bistro has The.Best. steak I've ever eaten - and I've been to Paris. I really don't need to go further than that. Go eat some of that steak.

But in case you want any more details, Launceston is over-all charming. There are some really old buildings (for Australia at any rate), a pretty river, gorgeous walks within walking distance of the CBD - check out the photos of some of the scenery at "The Gorge" - truly spectacular, and worth the walk, which seemed a bit like it was uphill all the way (impossible, I know!) At the top we had a very decent Devonshire tea and watched the peacocks and a little wallaby eating flowers.

And then there was the superb winery just a few minutes outside Launceston. We didn't drink the award winning chardonnay - I had a pinot gris and Hugo had a Riesling.

The Charles Hotel is probably the nicest hotel I've stayed in in Launceston too -  although luxury might be putting it a bit strongly, it's a very nice mid-range hotel and the bowl of fantastic Tasmanian apples they keep at reception is a lovely touch.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How not to lose your phone charger

Phone chargers tend to be white/grey/black - in other words, perfectly designed to blend in with the decor in your average hotel room. Problematic when it comes to taking a final glance around the room to see if you have left anything behind - it's all too easy just not to notice your charger.

I've solved this problem with bright orange cords for my iPhone/iPad - they always catch my eye and I haven't left a charger behind since I've had them. They only cost a couple of dollars on eBay.

(Hotel rooms also tend to have power points in thoroughly inconvenient locations. I can't tell you how many times I have gashed my teeth in incoherent rage because the power points are behind the bedside tables, and too close to the floor to plug in my USB charger. The too close to the floor issue could be solved by carrying a power board, but that would just be an extra thing taking up space in my hand luggage. There is usually a power point in the bathroom you can use in a pinch.).