Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anaconda: Spring Super Sale

There are a lot of things in this catalogue that make my eyes glaze over (fishing rods, camping gear, etc) but there are a couple of things that made me go OOOOh:

  • Half-price denali travel organisers - small size now $4.99.
  • Design Go snoozer (left), $10.99 - this is the neck pillow I use. I had a whole discussion with my osteopath about what sort of neck pillow to use, and she recommended getting one with a flat back, because the ones that are just horse-shoe shaped force your head forwards, which is not good for your neck. This one's really comfy, and $10.99 is a great price.

  • All other Design Go and Qantas travel accessories, 30% off.
  • A variety of packs at reduced prices.
  • Headlamps for $9.98.
Sale's on til Sunday 17 October.

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