Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Product review: Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose organic lip, face and body balm

Product details: 8ml, nice and small, and according to the packaging "Use on lips, face & body for nourished, smoothed & blossoming skin"
Bought: In Melbourne from Evelyn Faye Nutrition, 360 Bourke St
For: $4.50
Product website:
Order online (worldwide) from:

The first thing I noticed was the tiny tin - barely bigger than my beloved Blistex lip conditioner, slightly bigger diameter but not as thick. I picked it up and read it, and realised it wasn't just for lips! So I had to buy some to test it, clearly, because what could be better than an all-in-one product in a tiny tin?

So once I opened it, the smell! It smells like really good Turkish delight. I kind of want to eat it.

The texture is kind of strange for putting on your face, but it does seem moisturising. I've put it all over my face and hands, and my hands feel particularly good -but I think in the dry air on a plane it would be great for the face too, and it's certainly made my lips feel good.

The rating: 7/10. I can certainly see myself pulling this out on a plane, and using as lipbalm and on anything else that felt a bit dry. I think though that I'd still want to take some actual moisturiser as well.

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